Morning Sunshine

I did it! I woke up at eight in the morning full of energy! This is something that has been plagueing me for about a month now. Let me just start by saying that it really helps to make a conscious effort to get yourself up and out of bed.

Here’s a short list of ways to make it more enjoyeable to wake up earlier.

1. Give yourself a “why.” We want to get out of bed earlier. But we have to give ourselves a few reasons for doing so. Do you want to get to the beach earlier in the day to enjoy the day? Or do you¬†need to send out a few emails before you get up and go to work? Write it down somewhere, and put it up on the wall or by your bedside table. Writing clarifies thought.

2. Allowing the light of the day to enter your bedroom helps a lot. We truly are solar beings. The sun or even bright artificial light not only feels fantastic but helps our bodies accept our new wake up time.

3. Stretch a little. Some simple stretches before getting out of bed allow your muscles to wake up as well so you don’t feel cramped. It also seems to get the blood flowing a little bit for me, and I know that my muscles are fully relaxed and prepared to take on another day.

4. Log out an hour before bed. Bright lights, especially those from smartphones and tablets  hinder the production of melatonin in the human body. There are plenty of apps like Twilight for android and F.lux for IOS and PC that help, but the best bet is just to put down the devices. Read a book, people!

5. Make your new sleep schedule consistent. Even on the weekends! I know, I know… You just love sleeping in on Sunday morning. Me too, believe me. I’m the resident night owl, but I also understand the importance of waking up to seize the day. But if you want to train your body to wake up full of energy every day, you have to take it seriously. Every. day.

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