Roll Your Sleeves Up!

Every now and then comes a time when we have to roll up our sleeves and take care of some real “man stuff.” 

Yeah, that’s right. Even the ladies have to do their man duty from time to time. In this case, it was some maintenance on my motorcycle that needed to be done. It wasn’t running right, and I had to replace a few parts.

It was hot, I was tired and not in the mood. But I knew there was work that needed to be done so I could get back on the road again. Something had to be done. So what did I do? I got to a serious weighing in of my options and came to a conclusion.

I want to be able to enjoy my afternoons riding through the sunset, and the only way is to get this motorcycle running today. I could procrastinate and use the old “I’ll do it another day.” Procrastination is a huge problem of mine, and it’s something that I deal with every day.

As you may very well know, I totally dig being on the road. Especially on a motorcycle. All the heat and sweat of the day peels off in the breeze when you’re flying down the street on the back of an iron-shod steed. And just like a real horse, you have to take care a motorcycle. Maybe even more than an animal.

So there I was, bent over my Harley Davidson 883 Iron. I was uncontrollably pouring sweat in the dead middle of a hot day, visions of deserts and oases cascading before me. (How do you pluralize “oasis” again?) I was thinking of that beautiful couch inside, in front of an entertainment system. The good life, right? Well, absolutely. But everything must be enjoyed in the right amount, overindulgence is potentially dangerous in many ways in our lives.

It’s a constant reminder not only of the importance of hard work, but the pleasure and satisfaction of a job well done. Nothing really comes for free in this life, and the best things come at a fairly high price.

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