Throttle Me Pink

So I was cruising down the highway on my Harley Davidson 883 Iron, the wind blasting me at seventy miles an hour. My hair was all kinds of screwed up but I didn’t care! Just the feeling of gunning the throttle, the thunderous roar of that iron shod monster warning all lesser beasts of my presence was enough to make me feel fantastic. All thoughts and fears were left behind in the dust. I remember something a cave diver once said about feeling cleansed after a long, dangerous dive because you can’t go in there with things on your mind. A motorcycle isn’t so different. You have to FOCUS. Your phone ringing, email notifications, even that itch on the back of your neck is the farthest thing from your mind in that moment. You’re free.

I figured out something on that ride, something that seems so obvious to me now…

I, Charles Mosito am an adrenaline ADDICT! Okay, okay, let’s be realistic. I’m just getting started on the path of adrenaline wizardry. It’s not like I’m out there base jumping from a helicopter or diving for five hours in a cave, though that does sound oddly appealing. I feel better at work, as if I got a great workout or just got back from a short vacation. The truth is, adrenaline rushes are like short vacations. When that stuff kicks in, you’re temporarily whisked away from all the difficulties and frustrations of daily life. In fact, I think I need to start riding daily just to get the creative juices flowing.

I can’t wait to wake up early tomorrow and take another joyride through the back roads. I think this may be the cure for my apparent lack of energy to get out of bed before eleven in the morning. It’s actually been a real problem for me, for some reason I just feel too darn good sleeping in. Even when I know that I have important things to do, I just can’t seem to get myself up and out of bed. I think that’s a lack of something in our waking life that makes us seek that release in our dreams. And I understand that leisure is something that’s appealing to everybody, but I also feel that humans in the past were more inclined to wake up early, either by necessity or for the pleasure of living. And I love real life, why can’t I seem to get up and going before noon?

The future will tell…


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