Why Friends And Family Are Important

photo-1430747562296-5556d17a15a5Even from the time of being children, the importance of family and friends is something we have always known. We even need to interact socially for develop properly- children are proven to develop certain parts of their brain better when in social situations with other children around.

From problem solving abilities to learning to coexist with other people around us, we get a little bit of it all from playing on the playground as little guys. Oh and when we fall off the slide and bite our tongue? We learn important self-soothing techniques. Continue reading Why Friends And Family Are Important

Let’s get started with Ketosis!

Okay, so let’s go over some of the basic principles of following a ketogenic diet. It can all sound pretty confusing and complex, but it’s really quite simple when you get down to it. To the uninitiated, you may not know exactly what types of foods are carb heavy. And even the less obvious choices can have way too many carbs for your own good.

How to make sense of all this Ketogenic mumbo jumbo? Just remember, you want low daily carbs (20 grams), a moderate amount of protein, and HIGH amounts of fat to fill in the gaps.

1. Consider asking somebody that is already following the ketogenic diet. A friend of mine actually told me about the diet a few months ago, and I was instantly sold. If you’re the type that likes to feel confident in the research behind things, consider watching Fat Head the documentary. This friend of mine helped me through the basics that I’m about to tell you here. He just had a bachelor party and we had an amazingly short and sweet vacation, including a great limousine ride through the city where we spent the weekend.

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