Get That Desk Cleared Up, Charles!

Man oh man, have I been needing to get things organized here around the desk!

I’ve got it all here on my desk, from receipts for my motorcycle part to notes about interesting blog articles. A great example is how to fix a blacklisted site.

I’ve been at it with so many projects lately, from doing a little custom work on the Harley to working out in the shed and making space for a car jack.

And as you can imagine, it all gets very cluttered around Charlesville. (That’s what I call my office, in case you were wondering.) It just keeps on piling up!

And then the mail comes. Oh, Jesus. More bills, and worst of all more advertisers and political propaganda! Oh boy oh boy…

I’m getting more than just a little bit fed up with the state of the nation here in Charlesville, so I’m doing a total purge of everything that isn’t absolutely essential to my survival.

The Carmen Electra poster stays, though. She’s my motivation to get looking a little better, so she can’t go away just yet!

I already feel a little better just tearing up some of these old files and pieces of mail that have been slowly accumulating here at the home office.

That’s what happens when I get away from the daily grind here in the office and move out into the shed in search of glory.

But that ends today! I need to come back through and organize at least once a week here so things don’t get too loco.

If not, I’ll have to come and spend two hours doing it all at once like I am today. Seriously, I even found a coffee cup under some papers.

You wouldn’t even have known it was there.

So if you’re like me, go and get those darn hidden coffee cups out of the home office. And consider asking yourself why it is that you insist on chugging so much java during the early afternoon.

See ya!

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